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Synopsis for "East Winds"

Inside the East Winds club in Chinatown, a man runs for the doors, but is intercepted and knocked unconscious by another man, who steals a shipping manifest from the other man. The man with the manifest leaves. Later, he is pursued by several Chinese gangsters, and he runs into an alley. He runs up onto a balcony, and when cornered, jumps off and hits the ground hard. His pursuers check him, and confirm that he's dead. The leader of them walks in, and tells them to retrieve the manifest. They do, and one of the men, William Chimoda, gives it to their leader, Kam Chong. They check the manifesto, and find that the last shipment of his gold has been hidden inside an apartment complex in town. William says that the room that the gold's hidden in is the home of David Barret, an alias being used by David Banner. Against William's protests, Kam Chong decides to wait before taking the gold, saying that they'll stake the place out.

Meanwhile, David Banner walks home with some groceries, and he's greeted by an older woman who lives in the same building as him. They walk back together, and the woman tells David of several women he could get together with, as she's been trying to find him a wife. He protests, saying that he doesn't need a wife right now. They stop when they see two police officers arresting a young Chinese man. They put him into a car and the car leaves for the police station. The onlookers return to their business, and one of the police, Jack Keeler, reflects on how he tried to protect the boy from the immigration officers. His partner, Bill Menning, tells him to take it easy. The two get into their squad car and leave, and David and the woman go into their building. That night, the woman comes into David's room with a younger Chinese woman, saying that avid's mail-order bride is here. David says that there must have been some mix-up, since he never ordered a bride. The woman doesn't listen, and she leaves. David tries to tell the bride to leave, but she doesn't speak English. The woman begins cooking David dinner, and David goes to answer the door when someone knocks. he opens it to find Jack Keeler, the officer from earlier. Tehran comes in, and sees the bride. He chases her through the apartment, but she locks herself in the bathroom. David asks what's going on, and Jack says that he's been looking for her, and that she can speak English. She comes out of the bathroom, but Jack becomes distracted when David's dinner catches fire on the stove, a distractions et up by the woman. She runs out, and Jack lets her go. He tells David to come with him, so they can discuss this.

Jack takes David to the East Winds club, and they begin discussing what's going on over a meal. William Chimoda walks up and offers them some fish on the house, as his boss Kam Chong, owns the club. They start eating, and Jack points out David's bride, who walks up the stairs to the upstairs part of the club. She is dressed far fancier than when David met her, and she goes into an upstairs rom. Jack explains that her name is Tam, and that they used to be friends, then they fell in love with each other, but that they broke things off a while ago. He says that now, Tam works for Kam Chong. Upstairs, Kam Chong explains to William, Tam, and several other henchmen that the fish is poisoned, and that when David eats it, he'll become paralyzed and die, and that once he's dead, William will move into David's vacant apartment room and collect the gold stashed in there. Downstairs, David begins to feel the poison's affects, and his arms start to feel numb. Jack thinks it's just from the alcohol, but when he sees David hasn't drank anything, he helps him out of chair to get to a hospital. They try to go out the back, but David falls down, completely paralyzed. Jack runs into the kitchen to get help, but William finds him, and two thugs hold him down while William tries to force the fish into his mouth, as he has't eaten any yet. Outside of the kitchen, the paralysis causes David to turn into the Hulk. The Hulk's regenerative abilities negate the poison's affects, and Hulk stands up and smashes his way into the kitchen. Hulk grabs one of themes and throws him across the room, where he crashes into the counter and lands by the far wall. William and his men release Jack and start backing towards the door. William grabs a knife and throws it at Hulk, and it cuts the jade giant's arm. Hulk picks up a table and blocks another thrown knife from William, and he throws the table into the wall. William grabs a pot to defend himself. but Hulk punches through the pot, and drops it. William and his men retreat, and they bar the doorway with two food carts. Hulk pushes the carts over and runs out of the club, startling many bystanders.

Later, Jack answers the police's questions, but his partner and the lieutenant don't believe his story. Jack leaves, but his partner convince him to come back to the station and rest. Back at the East Winds club. Kam Chong orders Tam to kill Jack, as he's getting too close to figuring out his operations. When Tam refuses, Kam shows that he has a young girl from her family. He has her brought in, and Tam is relieved to see her, thinking she was still in an immigration camp. Kam explains that he has her other family members hidden in the states too, and that they are with good friends of his, and that they'll do whatever he asks. Seeing that her hand is forced, she agrees, and takes the knife that Kam gave her. Meanwhile, after returning to normal, David returns to his apartment. Later, Tam prepares to go see Jack, but Jack comes in. They begin talking, and Jack is very bitter that she was only using him to get her family into the states. They argue, and she reveals that she really does love him. They embrace, and she draws her knife to stab him in the back, but she finds that she can't kill him, and she drops the knife. She tells him that Kam Chong and his thugs are planning to get the gold from the apartment tonight, and they leave.

At the apartment, David is cleaning his knife wound on his arm, when Kam Chong, William and several goons burst in. David runs into the bathroom and tries to hold the door closed, but they push it open and overtake him. David asks what this is all about, but they tie his hands, assuming that he knows what's going on. They start interrogating him, but when he gives them nothing, they turn the hot water on full blast in the bathtub, and throw David in. The water scalds him, and he gets stressed. William walks out into the living room, and the two men in the bathroom pull the shower curtain down over the tub. In the tub, David becomes the Hulk, and he stands up and pulls the curtain down on the men. He steps out, and looks around. Outside, William decides to check on things in the bathroom, while Kam Chong sits in a chair patiently. Hulk picks up the tub and throws it through the wall, and it lands in the living room. Hulk walks out, and sees them. Just then, Jack and Tam come in, and does Jack's partner, and they all see the Hulk. Hulk runs past them all and out of the building, where he scares the people outside. The police come in and promptly arrest Kam.

The next day, David says goodbye to Jack, and skips town.


  • David turns into the Hulk 2 times in this episode.


  • This is the other episode of the series that was directed by Jack Colvin. The other was Goodbye Eddie Cain.

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