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Around the globe, soldiers working under the "Prometheus" project have gathered together three prominent scientists, and members of the project. Doctors Charlena McGowan, John Zeiderman, and Jason Spath. In Utah, the Hulk has been captured by the military, who were trying to retrieve a meteorite, but instead found the Hulk, who was stuck in between his normal form and his David Banner form. They have also captured Katie Maxwell, a young blind woman who was with the Hulk at the time. Now, the military drives to an unknown location, toting a large, red dome on one of their trucks. Inside the dome, Katie and the Hulk are imprisoned. The Hulk angrily pounds on the walls, but can only dent them, not break them. In the vehicles, Jack McGee, disguised as an officer, sits with several other soldiers. The soldiers finally reach their location, a mountain. On the side of the mountain, two steel doors open, and the jeeps drive in. Inside, mobs of soldiers are bustling around working, and a crane removes the red dome from the truck, and moves it to another part of the room. Inside the dome, the Hulk continues to howl, and pound on the walls. Later, the scientists, and Brad, the head of the project, watch the Hulk inside his cell through screens from the control room. Charlena McGowan tries speaking with the Hulk through speakers in his cell. This only makes Hulk angrier, and he growls at the ceiling. They try and replay Hulk's growls back to him, but all he does is get angrier, and roars at them.

Meanwhile, Jack goes through sterilization, and goes back into the medical rooms. He goes into the security room, and after the person there leaves, Jack gets on the computers, and finds out that the base he is inside of, 'Prometheus', is somewhere in Colorado. He then leaves the room, and goes to Katie's room, and gets her. He explains to her what's going on, and then the two leave. Elsewhere in the base, Jason Spath tries to get a reaction from the Hulk by using two robot arms to distract him. Inside Hulk's cell, a small box comes up from the floor, and opens. Inside, two robot arms come out. Hulk watches them for several moments, but one of them quickly grabs his hand. He gets angry, and tries to free his hand from the robot, and finally destroys the box, and breaks off one of the arms and tosses it away. Spath, who was wirelessly controlling the arms from the control room, begins to feel pain because he was connected to the robot. Another scientist helps free his hands from the controls, and the scientists try to figure out what to do next, still believing that the Hulk is an alien. However, Hulk doesn't give them time, and he begins destroying the floor of his cell. He begins burrowing through the floor, ripping out parts of the floor and throwing them away. Finally, he finishes the hole and drops through it to the sub-levels of the base. Hulk begins running through the tunnels under the base, but soldiers give chase. With soldiers in pursuit, Hulk sees them coming from a side-hallway, and grabs one of the pipes off of the walls and rolls it down the hallway, bowling over several soldiers. As they begin to recover and get back up, Hulk breaks open another pipe, and blasts the steam from it at the soldiers, and while they're disoriented, the Hulk leaves. He finally finds his way to the other parts of the base, and starts running through the halls of the medical wing. As he runs Hulk grabs a black canister, but decides he has no use for it, and tosses it away as he runs. The canister smashes the fire alarm as it lands, alerting more soldiers. Hulk finally comes to a stop in one of the hallways, and turns to see Jack McGee and Katie standing there. Hulk approaches them, and pushes McGee to the side against a wall, and picks up Katie. More soldiers begin to flood the hallway, and trap Hulk on either side. Hulk kicks down a door to another room, and runs inside. The soldiers try to follow him, but He overturns several computers and pieces of machinery in their path. The soldiers and Jack try to climb over the machinery, but it keeps sparking, and for fear of being electrocuted, McGee and the soldiers give up trying to get past the equipment. Elsewhere, Hulk, finds his way back down to the under levels, and he sets Katie down, and turns back into his Demi-Hulk form. Katie touches his face, and can tell that he still isn't back to normal, and she concludes that he must still be too close to the meteorite, which was also taken back to the base. Together, Demi-Hulk and Katie venture farther into the base in search of new clothes for David, and more importantly, an escape route.

Later, Katie and Demi-Hulk find several lockers used by soldiers, and Demi-Hulk breaks one open, and finds scrubs inside. He puts them on, and the two continue forward. Meanwhile, Jack McGee makes his way to the control room, and tries to convince Brad and the other scientists not to attack the Hulk. They see Demi-Hulk on one of their security cameras, and Jack tells them not to go after him, or else he'll turn into Hulk again, and then he'll tear apart anyone who tries to pursue him. John Zeiderman asks Brad if all he wants is to use the Hulk as a weapon, but Brad scoffs at this. Jack tells them that he doesn't know what causes the man who becomes the Hulk to become the Hulk, but he assumes it could be pain or anger. He tells them that, in all the years he has been chasing the Hulk, this is the first time, that they've come close to capturing him. Jack says that they should't blow this opportunity, and he asks Brad to let him talk to the Demi-Hulk, and Brad agrees. Meanwhile, Katie and the Demi-Hulk have made their way through the base, and found grating on a wall that leads to tunnels, which could lead to the exit. Demi-Hulk attempt to tear the grating off of the wall, but before he can, Jack shows up, with Brad and the three scientists. Jack tries to reason with the Demi-Hulk, but Katie whispers in his ear that he shouldn't trust Jack. Jack tells him that all the scientist want to do is help him, and that Demi-Hulk, as David ("John Doe" to Jack), has told Jack that all he wants to do is get rid of the Hulk. Jack asks him if he likes being stuck halfway, and the Demi-Hulk says that he hates it. Jack says they'll help him, but suddenly, two soldiers come up from behind and grab Katie. Jack yells at them to stop, but Brad gets in his way and fires several tranquilizer darts into Demi-Hulk. Brad continues to fire more darts, but this only makes Demi-Hulk angrier, until finally, his transformation gets triggered, and he becomes the Hulk in front of the astonished onlookers. Brad fires another dart into the Hulk in mid-transformation, but this does nothing. The Hulk gets up from the floor, and pulls off two pipes from the walls and drops them on the two soldiers carrying Katie. He then grabs Katie, tears the grating off the wall, and goes through the hole. Jack pushes past Brad, and follows Hulk through the hole. Inside the tunnels, the Hulk runs along, carrying Katie. But Brad orders the tunnels to be sealed off, and the doors inside the tunnels begin coming down. Hulk puts Katie down, and stops one door from coming down completely. As the door tries to close, Hulk strains against it, and finally pushes it back up successfully, messing up the system, and overloading everything. As the Hulk runs down the tunnels carrying Katie again, everything inside the base begins exploding. As missiles and explosives blow up, the Hulk finds some bars blocking a hole in the mountain, and breaks them down, creating a hole. Hulk and Katie leave through the hole, and the entire base blows up, and as everyone safely gets out. Later, in the woods by the mountain, Hulk sets Katie down, and begins turning back. This time, he reverts back fully, returning to his David form. As David begins crying and laughing, he pulls Katie into a hug, and the two begin laughing and crying together, as they embrace.

The following day, Jack and Charlena sit in her car, and talk about the aftermath of the whole thing, and about the future of Prometheus. She says that this time, they're not going to go all overboard, and that this is being kept a secret from the public. Jack says that the public has a right to know, and she agrees, but for now, Prometheus is kaput. Elsewhere, David and Katie say their goodbyes, and Katie decides to stay in the city for awhile this time. David says goodbye and hugs her, and she leaves on a bus. Once again on his own, David walks away, still living a plagued, tortured existence thanks to the Hulk.


  • David turns into the Hulk 1 time in this episode. However, he does appear as the Hulk for the first half of the episode.


  • The producers of the show dubbed the halfway from of Hulk's the "Demi-Hulk".

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