As Captain Britain was getting his bearings on the new world he found himself in by questioning some local homeless people, they were attacked by a creature composed of discarded household appliances and other rubbish. As the homeless scattered away from the creature Captain Britain jumped into action and began defending them.

The creature proclaimed that it wanted to "destroy humanity" due to the fact that humanity had discarded its different parts while they were still in working order. As the creature begins it's rampage, it curiously evolves into high tech battlements, with which it eliminates all police opposition without a moment's hesitation.

As the battle commences between the creature and Captain Britain, he knocks it off of a bridge and into the water, which it seems is the creature's weakness. As the creature crawled it's way out of the water, trying to return to the junk heap it came from, it's different parts begin to fall away and reverting back to their original forms. Finally the remaining pieces fall apart as it attempted to make it to a mysterious liquid that was coming from a storm drain. [1]


Able to rapidly evolve new weaponry to deal with threats as they occur.


Large bodies of water are fatal to it, as they drain away his life energy and it reverts to decaying, rusted junk.

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