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The List
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Dark Reign: The List
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Norman Osborn made a list of to-do-things during the Dark Reign.
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Norman Osborn (Earth-616) List

The List

During his Dark Reign, Norman Osborn drew up a "to-do" list, consisting of solutions to major threats to his status quo:

  • "Neutralize Clint Barton": Against the wishes of the other members of the New Avengers, Clint Barton, infiltrated Stark Tower and attempted to assassinate Osborn, but was instead captured.[1]
  • "Eliminate Daredevil": Lady Bullseye murdered a corrupt judge in an attempt to frame Daredevil, who had recently become the leader of The Hand. Affronted by what he saw as a flagrant disregard for his rule of law, Osborn ordered Bullseye/Hawkeye to kill Daredevil. Bullseye failed, but not before destroying a condemned building full of protestors. [2]
  • "Kill Namor": In retaliation for Namor's defection from his Cabal, Osborn unleashed a deranged and horribly mutated Marrina, who killed hundreds of Atlanteans. With the help of the X-Men, Namor was able to subdue and kill his former wife, and the surviving Atlanteans relocated to the waters around Utopia. [3]
  • "Kill Spider-Man": Spider-Man stole incriminating footage of Osborn performing human experiments on illegal immigrants. Despite being apprehended by Osborn wearing the Iron Patriot Armor, Spider-Man escaped and leaked the footage to the media. [8]



Nicholas Fury (Earth-616) List
Iron Patriot Armor Model 1
  • Mocking of Norman Osborn's list, Nick Fury made his own.

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