The Living Humungous Menhir was a mutant from Iran who worked as a marketing executive and who became mentally unbalanced at some point. His powers transformed him into a huge monster whenever he was exposed to comics radiation (not cosmic radiation). The Menhir became an enemy of the X-Persons. The Menhir was also looking for ways to isolate the S-Factor in the mutants' DNA—which ridiculously increased the sales of comic-book series that they starred—to use it for his own goals.[1]

The X-Persons' enemies, the ominous consortium of their most deadly and most implacable enemies, wanted to recruit a number of allies among the other X-Persons' enemies, to harass the muties before the consortium attacked them itself. One of these allies was the Menhir.[2] The Menhir approached the X-Persons near the top of a cliff, claiming to have discovered a catalyzer that increased sales when combined with the S-Factor: Death. While saying so, the Menhir used his gargantuellic foot to push the X-Persons from the cliff.[1] The Menhir left, not knowing that most of the X-Persons had survived because they had fallen on top of one of their number, Non-Entity. The survivors would eventually face the consortium, nonetheless,[1] but apparently no-one died in that fight.[3]


Menhir Form: When using his powers, the Living Humungous Menhir becomes a hugely tall colossus with stone-like skin.[1]

S-Factor: The Menhir is a mutie and as such his DNA has the S-Factor that causes phenomenal sales in the comic-book series in which he appears.[1]


A marketing executive, he is also a researcher of the S-Factor.[1]


He can only change to his Menhir Form when exposed to comics [sic.] radiation. Besides, he is clynically insane. Lastly, as he is a villain, he cannot get a lot of royalties from the comic-book series in which he appears.[1]

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