Quote1 Vobis con morat! Teltan mora callenorum! Fasil De Mon! Fasil Horatat! Quote2
-- Ancient (evil) sorcerer's quote registered in stone src

Ancient Days

"The Man" was a mutant activated by Uranium pits radiations, living at least since the age of the Ancient Egypt. Like others of his kind, he was named "The Man" in awe, but the name eventually degenerated to "De Man", "De Mon" and finally "Demon", referring to someone alien, powered and evil.

Sorcerers eventually found out a chant that could cause them to materialize into another world, trapping them there.

Later, other sorcerers, evil, recalled them by the same way, bargaining the demons' freedom against the use of their powers to grant them wishes.

For a long time, The Man stayed trapped into that time sphere.[1]

Modern Days

The Man was eventually freed when Dr. Phillip Morgan used a machine enabling him to catch the radioactivity and turn it into sounds, allowing him to catch sounds on solid matter. He used as a surface to register his message for testing a rock he had found in Ancient Egyptian diggings, in ancient temple of the black arts, and even older than the temple. His device worked, but another sound from the past was reproduced, the chant bringing the Man back into their reality.

Offering his services to Morgan, The Man was faced with incredulity from the scientist, and explained him his story and purpose. At the end of his tale, he declared his intend to rule the world, now free from the threat of the sorcerers, and as first step decided to destroy Morgan, for he knew too much.

Morgan recalled him the bargain, and The Man to let him proceed, stating he would destroy him anyway after that wish. The scientist then wished him to leave Earth and return to his prison, which he was forced to do, leaving Morgan alive but warning him he would eventually return. Once alone, Morgan immediately destroyed his device to prevent it.[1]


The Man stated his powers were almost unlimited, and that he could grant "any wish the caller requested". He wished to conquer the world, and strongly stated that he was able to "destroy" Morgan.

His powers included the capacity to return to his prison by himself, although he was not able to depart from there.[1]


  • Body Wave Rhythms Control: The Man's body wave rhythms (seemingly like all of his kind) can be controlled by certain sounds, allowing others to cast them out and from another halfway world.[1]
  • Bargain Violation: As part of the sorcerers' actions, the Man was also bound by his bargains, stating that violating them and depriving someone from his one wish would cause him to cease in any time sphere.[1]

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