Quote1 No one escapes. Not until the Siege has eaten it's fill. Quote2
-- The Philistine src
The Philistine (Earth-616) from Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 1 32 0001

Before alteration

Initially, the man who would become the Philistine was a university searcher who looked for the Siege Perilous with a colleague or an assistant. Once found beneath Stonehenge, he killed his companion and goes through it, transforming him into the being he is now.[1]

A few months later the he joined Hellfire Club, associating with Kade Kilgore and the Hellfire Academy .


Due to his interaction with the Siege Perilous, the philistine had been dramatically altered and possesses the powers as follows.

  • Energy Projection: His connection to the siege empowered him with unknown force manipulation aspects as he can project eviscerating/concussive energy from his hands as force blasts.[2]
    • Energy Wave Expulsion: He is also capable of projecting force wave energy from his body at will.
  • Teleportation: Given upon his alteration, the philistine can warp to and from anywhere with undisclosed limits, usually accommodated with a "foomphf" noise.
  • Wing Manifestation: He can manifest a set of black wings and is apparently able to alter their size and span at will, able to use them as razor blades.[1]
    • Flight
  • Telepathy

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