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The Pitt is a massive 50-mile-plus crater created in the location of where Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania once was. The area was created when Ken Connell, bearer of the artifact known as the Star Brand, attempted to rid himself of the power after a battle with his old foe, the Old Man, lead to him destroying a comic convention, killing hundreds. Guilt ridden, Ken decided to transfer the Star Brand to a dumbbell, planning to do so on the Moon. However, fearing that he would be left to die on the Moon, he opted to do so ten miles in the air. Despite the unheard pleas of the paranormal known as The Witness, Ken transfered the Brand to the dumbbell.

Because the Brand can only be transferred to living begins, it reacted violently, creating a massive, yet unheard, explosion that could be seen for hundreds of miles. The blast instantly vaporized Pittsburgh and many other locals around it. A major vortex was created in its wake as the atmosphere attempted to fill the hole created by the explosion, causing most of the other damage.

As time would pass, the Pitt began to change, creating a volcano from within known as "Mount Pittsburgh". However, this would cause problems for others within the New England states, especially in New York.

A man named Jacob Bumley, who had been given the Star Brand by the Star Child, attempted to resurrect Pittsburgh, but he was convinced by the Witness to leave it be, as he could only resurrect a memory, not the actual thing.

Points of Interest

Mount Pittsburgh


None, though a creature known as "the Famileech" was created there from a family of four who was rescued by Jenny Swensen and her Spitfire armor.


  • Dimensions: 50 miles in diameter, 15 miles deep
  • Liquid within the Pitt is known as "Pitt Juice", which has mutagenic properties.


The Pitt was created on December 22, 1987 at 6:06 AM

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