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Quote1.png I don't have the power to put the world back the way it was and I don't even know if it can be put back... but I damn well can kick the guy's ass who did it. Quote2.png
Clint Barton

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Synopsis for "House of M: The Pulse"

As a result of the House of M event, mutants have superseded Humans (Homo sapiens) as the dominant form of humanity. No one, except for Wolverine and Clint Barton has any recollection of life before the House of M.

Katherine Farrell stumbled across a crime scene at the Stark building which was being cordoned off by S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Red Guard on her way to work at the Daily Bugle. She disbelieves the official story of a homo sapien hopped up on MGH after seeing the elite Red Guard and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s director Sebastian Shaw on the scene.

As a result, she was late for the Bugle's 3 o'clock meeting and takes flak from her mutant editor-in-chief for her tardiness. When Farrell tried to explain the potential story that she had witnessed, she was blown off by the editor who said that they would wait for the official S.H.I.E.L.D. report, despite Farrell's vocal protests.

After the meeting, Ben Urich tells Farrell that she needed to learn to pick her battles and that it's a mutant's world in which they live. Urich also recommends that Farrell write something truly inspired for tomorrow's paper to make up for her outburst earlier. As a result, she stays at work late into the night writing a piece on Magnus' rise to prominence. While searching the computer database for a picture of Magnus with former President Richard Nixon, Farrell was attacked by Hawkeye. He shows Farrell a newspaper clipping and asks her to read it, but it quickly becomes obvious that they see completely different stories written on the paper. Farrell sees a story about the Magnus tribute in Central Park, whereas Barton sees a story about his own death while serving as an Avenger, a story supposedly written by Kat Farrell herself.

Hawkeye then relates an unbelievable story to Farrell, telling her of his own death which supposedly occurred several months before. He tells her how he himself was unaware of any of this either until an interaction with a teenage mutant who opened his mind and revealed a past that has been forgotten by everyone else. He then proceeds to take Farrell out to the New York City Botanical Gardens and explains that this used to be the site of Avengers Mansion. He tells Farrell that he now has two sets of memories in his head, both just as real as the other. He then shoots the Sentinel head left as a monument by Magnus who the mutants who fell there in 1978 with a blast-arrow, prompting the police to arrive.

Barton then tells Farrell that he plans to travel to Genosha to kill Magnus and the Scarlet Witch and asks her to tell his story. He doesn't care if she publishes it as the ravings of a madman, he just wants his story out there for the public to read.


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