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Quote1.png A hundred years from now, when we're all dead and buried, there will be only two things that we're remembered for... what we did. And what we looked like. Quote2.png
Janet Van Dyne

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Synopsis for "Fear, Part 1"

Knowing how stressed out that her friend Jessica Jones is about her pregnancy, Carol Danvers invites her out to lunch with Susan Richards, the most well-known superhero mom in the business. Richards tries to relate to Jones that while being a superhuman parent is stressful, it isn't much different than being a regular mother.

At the same time Ben Urich investigates a jewelry store robbery that was was supposedly foiled by Daredevil. The details of the case didn't sound right to Urich, however, as the store was located in Midtown, well outside of Daredevil's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, supposedly the hero was dressed in his old yellow costume and he smelled funny. Back at the Daily Bugle, Urich is stumped until Kat Farrell recognizes who Urich is describing and tells him it sounds like D-Man, a "C-list" superhero who was once a member of the Avengers. Upon following up on his lead at the jewelry store, Urich discovers that items had been taken despite the robbery being foiled.

After their lunch with Susan Richards, Jones and Danvers meet up with Luke Cage at Janet Van Dyne's design studio to help him pick out a new costume design. After mocking his yellow silk shirt, Jones' water breaks as she prematurely goes into labor.


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