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Luke Cage

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Synopsis for "Fear: Part 3"

A huge amount of press show up outside of Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum to cover the news story of the birth of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage's child. Captain America attempts to disperse the crowd and is approached by Kat Farrell, claiming that the Daily Bugle has exclusive rights to the story. This prompts Jessica to call J. Jonah Jameson to tell him off for a recent story he published smearing Luke Cage and the Avengers and to let him know that the Bugle will not get the exclusive rights to the story.

Ben Urich finds D-Man living in complete squalor in the sewers of New York City. Originally declining membership in the Avengers, Dunphy decided to focus his attention on protecting the homeless, choosing to live like one of them. Eventually, however, he found himself becoming schizophrenic. He thought that the Gamesmaster had come to him and instructed him to collect the Infinity Gems, but he was only collecting ordinary jewelry items.

Jessica Jones gives birth to a healthy baby girl and she and Luke name her Danielle, giving exclusive rights to the news story to the Daily Globe. Cage proceeds to ask Jessica to marry him.

Urich contacts Daredevil and tells him about D-Man's situation. Daredevil comes to the sewers and asks Dunphy if he will go with him and that his quest is over and D-Man agrees.


  • The negative coverage of Luke Cage and the New Avengers in the Daily Bugle was in New Avengers #15.
  • Carol Danvers relates the circumstances of her pregnancy from Avengers #197200 and Avengers Annual #10, which she says took place a "couple of years ago".

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