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Quote1.png Okay, you convinced me... I'll marry your dad. But you owe me huge. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones

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Synopsis for "Finale"

Jessica is looking after her week-old baby and contemplating the marriage proposal that Luke Cage gave her. She reminisces about her and Luke's first meeting during a brief period of time when she was calling herself Knightress. She broke up a Maggia meeting attended by the Owl and was helped by Cage and his partner Iron Fist.

After defeating the criminals, the three heroes found that one of them brought their two children with him to the meeting. The police were going to sent the children off to foster care, but Jessica insisted on taking them back to her place to take care of them. The police said the only way that that would be possible would be if she revealed her secret identity so they could run a criminal record check, so she did. Later that night, Cage showed up at her house, asking why she did it and the two quickly became friends.

After thinking back upon this first meeting, Jones decides that she will accept Cage's offer.


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