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Quote1.png Danny Rand never cried... Except the one time. Quote2.png
-- Luke Cage

Appearing in "Thin Air (Part 3 of 5)"

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Synopsis for "Thin Air (Part 3 of 5)"

At a morning production meeting, Robbie Robertson informs the staff of the Daily Bugle that Terri Kidder was murdered, and assigns Kat Farrell and Ben Urich to the story.

Jessica and Luke argue about Jameson's job offer over breakfast at a streetside restaurant. Jessica breaks down crying before receiving a phone call from the Bugle, and she leaves the restaurant after she and Luke two resolve that Jameson's offer "is a good gig."

At the Daily Bugle office, NYPD Detective Regina Gans examins Kidder's cubicle. Urich approaches, but Gans refuses to tell him anything because of the newspaper's habit of criticizing the Police Department "every other weekday." Jessica arrives soon after.

Farrell visits the city morgue and gets information on the nature of Kidder's death from Tommy, who describes Kidder's fall into the reservoir "from up high" as well as the "indentations and bruising on her neck" that indicate that she was "strangled to death." While they talk, Iron Man flies overhead, and Tommy notes that he must live somewhere nearby because he does so every day.

Farrell meets Jessica and Urich in Central Park to bring them up to speed on the details of Kidder's death, and the three of them consider how many "flying people" life in New York City. Kat laments that S.H.I.E.L.D. will have to be called if "a flying guy" is involved.

Later that night at the Bugle office, Urich sneaks into Kidder's cubicle and searches her desk, finding that Gans took the computer's hard drive before discovering a message on Kidder's answering machine from Sheryl Doser imploring Terri not to act on the rumors of missing OsCorp employees. Urich considers the possibility that Norman Osborn murdered Terri and dropped her into the reservoir, and calls Peter Parker for help.

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