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Quote1 Tell me, in your profession, is there a story if no one lives to tell it? Quote2
Norman Osborn

Appearing in "Thin Air (Part 5 of 5)"

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Synopsis for "Thin Air (Part 5 of 5)"

At the OsCorp building, the Green Goblin launches an assault on the NYPD. A blast knocks Jessica out of the upper floor of the skyscraper, but she is rescued by Spider-Man, who lands on another rooftop as Jessica screams that she has lost her baby. Inside the OsCorp building, the Green Goblin tries to strangle Urich, but is attacked by Spider-Man. Osborn breaks free and flees, but is attacked by Jessica, and the two brawl in mid-air until Osborn's glider collides with Jessica . Osborn escapes as Spider-Man catches Jessica.

Luke Cage meets Jessica at the NYU Medical Center as a doctor examines her, and the two are relieved to discover that the baby is alive and healthy. Cage then leaves the hospital, claiming that he "can't let this go."

Soon after, Norman Osborn surrenders himself to the police while the Bugle runs a headline outing Osborn as the Green Goblin. Osborn's lawyer calls Osborn "a victim" of "constant attacks and harassment by the Daily Bugle," claiming that Spider-Man attacked OsCorp. In Osborn's car after the press conference, Osborn's lawyer tells Osborn that he can only keep him out of jail if he knows the truth, but the conversation is interrupted when Cage attacks the car. Spider-Man arrives as Osborn tears through the car's back seat into the trunk to find a Green Goblin costume and glider.

Osborn hurls two grenades out of the vehicle. Spider-Man uses his webshooters to cast one of the grenades safely away, and Cage smothers the blast of the other with his body. Osborn erupts from the car on his glider, but he is dragged to the ground by Spider-Man and Cage and savagely beaten by Cage. Afterwards, Kat Farrell attempts to interview Cage, admitting that she now has the Bugle's front-page story.

At the office of the Bugle, Jameson, Robertson, Farrell and Urich watch a television news broadcast reporting that Norman Osborn is the Green Goblin. Jameson mobilizes his journalists before asking if Urich is willing to reveal Daredevil's real name. Urich refuses again, and begins typing his article on Osborn.

Outside the Bugle office, Jessica looks at the front page of the newspaper, which declares OSBORN JAILED, and tells her unborn child that it is all she cares about.

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