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Jessica Jones

Appearing in "Secret War (Part 1 of 4)"

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Synopsis for "Secret War (Part 1 of 4)"

A week after the attack on Luke Cage's Harlem apartment, Jessica Jones encounters an enraged Wolverine, who threatens her before breaking down sobbing.

"One week ago," a massive energy blast destroyed Cage's apartment. Luke and Jessica were rushed to Metro Hospital, where Luke's unbreakable skin complicated his treatment. Jessica learned that her baby was fine before she was questioned by police about the attack in Harlem, and she admitted that she didn't know the woman who attacked Luke though the woman knew Luke. The interview was interrupted when the police received a call indicating that their "case just went silver," and the police left the hospital immediately.

Jessica and Danny Rand sat with a comatose Cage as Nick Fury arrives, and Jessica demands to know why Fury has come. Moments later, Steve Rogers arrives, attacking Fury as he insists that he warned Fury that something like this would happen. Fury orders Rogers outside, but Steve tells Jessica to "get away from here" and "keep your baby safe" before instructing Rand to prepare to move Cage.

Jessica called Matt Murdock and left a message explaining her situation, requesting that Murdock come to the hospital. Jessica spotted a suspicious man in the lobby, but called Ben Urich to tell him that she was in the hospital, but the conversation was interrupted as the suspicious man fled the hospital. Moments later, an explosion detonated outside, knocking out the hospital's power, followed by another explosion that hurled a destroyed ambulance into the lobby.

Jessica hurried back to Luke's room to find him and Danny gone, then makes her way through the chaotic hospital to get outside, where she found the hospital destroyed.


Page 3 of this issue matches page 3 of Secret War Vol 1 1, while pages 9-10 of Pulse Vol 1 6 correspond to pages 6-7 and 24 of SW Vol 1 1. Pages 10-11 of this issue also match pages 21-22 of Secret War Vol 1 2. Page 12 of Pulse Vol 1 6 corresponds to page 6-7 of Secret War Vol 1 3, while the message that Jessica leaves for Murdock on page 13 of this issue matches up to pages 10-11 of SW Vol 1 3, and page 18 of Pulse Vol 1 6 corresponds to page 20 of SW Vol 1 3. Pages 1-2 of this issue also match pages 9-10 of The Pulse Vol 1 9.

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