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Quote1.png This is a really big brick... Then how am I going to shove it up your ass? Quote2.png
Jessica Jones

Appearing in "Secret War (Part 3 of 4)"

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Synopsis for "Secret War (Part 3 of 4)"

Unconscious, Jessica Jones recalls the attack on Luke Cage's apartment in Harlem that put Cage in a coma. Soon after, Jessica wakes to find herself in a hangar with a woman calling herself Special Agent Cohen, who claims to be an Empath. Cohen calls her associates to inform them that Jessica is awake, and moments later, four Hydra agents arrive.

At the Daily Bugle building, Ben Urich calls Jessica's office and leaves a message for her. Moments later, he receives a call from Agent Al Mackenzie, who claims that the attack on Mt. Sinai Hospital was in retaliation for an operation that Fury launched "without the permission of the United States government or the United Nations," and that "a lot of super heroes around the city were targeted for execution." Ben demands to know why it's safe to run this story, and Mackenzie claims that Fury is no longer "in a position to do anything" to Urich.

At the hangar, Agent Cohen explains that Luke was attacked because of his part in Nick Fury's "Secret War," and assures Jessica that Hydra can find Luke for her no matter where he has been taken.

At the Bugle office, Ben describes his conversation with Mackenzie to Jameson, who reluctantly agrees to run the story. Urich explains that Jessica is missing, and Jameson orders him to "start making calls."

At the hangar, Agent Cohen tells Jessica that S.H.I.E.L.D. is nothing more than "bullies with deep pockets," and makes Jessica an offer to work for Hydra, promising the protection of the organization in exchange for information. Cohen gives Jessica "a really big brick" of cash as proof of her commitment to working with Jessica, but Jessica threatens to "shove it up [Cohen's] ass."

Moments later, operatives led by Clay Quartermain storm the building and kill the Hydra agents, and Quartermain explains that S.H.I.E.L.D. triangulated Jessica's location after she was kidnapped, but waited for her to reject Hydra's offer. Jessica asks him about the "Secret War," but Quartermain declines to answer.

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