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Alternate costume skins can be unlocked at the Cheat Screen. They will only appear on Level 6 (Gnucci Mansion) and Level 8 (The 'Igor Baltiysky' ).

    • Punisher 2004 costume (Earth-58732) [Starting] A brown leather "duster" longcoat over a black t-shirt with white Punisher symbol, crossed gunbelts with pistol holsters on the left and right thighs made of wide black webbing with dull metal quick-release buckles, and dark gray jeans over boots.
    • Punisher 1980 costume (Earth-616) [Cheat Code: NAILGUN] - Black jumpsuit with white Punisher logo on chest, worn with sleeves tucked into white gauntlets and pantslegs tucked into white boots, and Olive Drab web gear belt with paired revolvers in hip holsters.
    • Punisher 1990 costume (Earth-616) [Cheat Code: WOODCHIPPER] - Black long-sleeved shirt with white Punisher symbol worn with black leather gloves, gray web gear belt with paired revolvers in hip holsters, and black combat fatigue pants tucked into black boots.
    • Punisher 2000 costume (Earth-616) [Cheat Code: CEILINGFAN] - Blue t-shirt with white Punisher logo worn with black web gear belt with MAC-10 machine pistols in hip holsters, and gray camouflage combat fatigue pants over black boots.
  • Punisher's Arsenal
Quote1.png Never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy.[2] Quote2.png
--Rule #2, Four Universal Rules by Lt.Col. Jeff Cooper
    • Knife (Gerber MK 2 Fighting Knife) [Slaughter Mode]: The Punisher can either wield a fighting knife in close combat or throw knives at nearby targets. If The Punisher retrieves a knife from a target, he can wield one in each hand.
    • Revolver (Colt Diamondback)[3] - Slow to load, but accurate and reliable.[4]
    • Hand Cannon (Smith & Wesson Model 500)[5] - For times when size matters.[4]
    • .45-cal. Pistol (Colt M1911A1)[5] - Classic design. One-shot stopping power.[4]
    • .50-cal Pistol (IMI Desert Eagle)[5] - Israeli-made powerhouse. Needs a firm grip.[4]
    • Pump Shotgun (Winchester 1300 Marine Defender)[3] - Rugged and reliable. Handy for crowd control.[4]
    • Automatic Shotgun (Daewoo USAS-12)[6] - A precision-engineered, lead-breathing dragon.[4]
    • .45-cal Machine Pistol (Ingram MAC-10)[5] - 18 rounds per second, right in your palm.[4]
    • 5.56mm Machine Pistol (Olympic Arms OA-93)[5] - Powerful. Compact. The ultimate machine pistol.[4]
    • 5.7mm SMG (FN P90)[3] - Sleek, top-loading ergonomic design.[4]
    • .40-cal SMG (Heckler & Koch MP5/40)[3] - A .40 caliber marvel of German engineering.[4]
    • 5.56mm Assault Rifle (Colt M16A3 rifle)[7] - Fires 5.56mm rounds at 3100 feet per second.[4]
    • 7.62mm Assault Rifle (Robinson Arms Vepr K carbine)[6] - Versatile, reliable, and easy-to-use.[4]
    • Battle Rifle with Scope (ATK XM29 OICW)[6] - The future of infantry warfare.[4]
    • Sniper Rifle (Barrett M95)[6] - Can kill a drug dealer at 1400 yards.[4]
    • Machine Gun (Saco M60E3 light machine gun)[7] - 30 pounds of belt-fed, hip-fired Hell-on-Earth.[4]
    • Grenade Launcher (Milkor MGL Mk.1)[3] - Fires low-velocity 40mm grenades.[4]
    • Flamethrower (M2A1-7 flamethrower)[6] - Perfect for campfires and barbecues.[4]
    • Anti-Tank Weapon (Talley M72A2 LAW)[6] - Death in a disposable, three-foot-long tube.[4]
    • Flash Bangs (M84 Stun Grenade)
    • Frag Grenades (M67 Handgrenade)
  • Weapon Accessories:
    • Scope
    • Silencer
    • Underbarrel Grenade Launcher (M203)
  • Environmental Weapons:

These items can be found lying around on the floor or on counters or tables. Both The Punisher and his opponents can pick them up.

    • Knife
    • Bottle
    • Baseball Bat
    • Crowbar
    • Television
    • Wrench #1 [found on Level 02 (Chop Shop)]: Melee weapon.
    • Wrench #2 [found on Level 09 (Castle's Apartment)]: Thrown weapon.
    • Cleaver [found on Levels 06 (Gnucci Estate) and 13 (Meat Packing Plant)]
    • Police Baton [found on Level 16 (Ryker's Island)]
    • Molotov cocktail [found on Level 16 (Ryker's Island)]
    • R.A.M.S. (Remotely-Activated Mine System) [found on Level 16 (Ryker's Island)]


  • The Igor Baltiysky


The game begins with the Punisher killing footmen of the Yakuza. After he leaves the building, he is arrested by Police officers and is then transferred to Ryker's Island and interrogated by Detectives Molly Van Richtofen and Martin Soap. He then recalls the events leading to his capture.

The Punisher rooms the street in front of a Crackhouse. He invades the crack house and kills its owner (dubbed "Damage") by dropping him from several stories above the ground. After almost getting hit by a car upon his exit, the Punisher traces the vehicle to a chop shop. After killing every criminal there, he learns that it is owned by the Gnucci mafia family (led by Ma Gnucci) because Carlo Duka (the individual owner of the shop) is a Gnucci lieutenant. The Punisher kills Duka by dropping him in a car compactor where Duka is subsequently crushed. In a subsequent mission, the Punisher kills Bobby Gnucci (one of the sons of Ma Gnucci) at Lucky's Bar by shooting him several times.

Ma Gnucci hires Bushwacker to capture Joan, a neighbor of the Punisher. The Punisher traces her to the Central Park Zoo, where he rescues her. The next mission occurs in Grey's Funeral Home, at the mob funeral of Bobby Gnucci. The Punisher kills Eddie Gnucci (the other Gnucci son) by throwing Eddie out a window and Eddie is impaled on a gate spike. The Punisher then travels to the Gnucci estate to kill Bushwacker and Ma Gnucci herself. After fighting his way through Ma's remaining men, Punisher then fights Bushwacker who he defeats in a gunfight. To finish off Bushwacker, Punisher rips his weapon arm off and shoots him in the chest followed by Punisher dropping Bushwacker several stories above the ground. Castle then throws Ma through her mansion's top floor window.

During the Punisher's assault at the Gnucci residence, he learns that the Gnuccis are getting drug money from Russian mercenaries on New York City's waterfront. At the docks, he hears that General Kreigkopf plans to smuggle nuclear weapons into New York City. After attacking men on a cargo ship supposedly carrying the weapon (it was not on board) and being assaulted in his apartment by a huge man called the Russian, the Punisher attacks Grand Nixon Island, his next lead on the weapon's location. On the island, the Punisher meets Nick Fury, who helps him to defeat Kreigkopf and the Russian as well as prevent the launch of the nuclear device. Both escape before the missile detonates, destroying Grand Nixon Island.

Returning home, the Punisher discovers that the Kingpin has been taking over former Gnucci rackets. He raids the headquarters of the Kingpin's Fisk Industries, where he fights and defeats Bullseye by throwing him out a window from the top floor of the skyscraper. The Kingpin tells the Punisher that his real enemy is the Japanese Yakuza. The Punisher learns that this group of Yakuza are called the Eternal Sun, and they are trying to control remaining Gnucci and Russian crime operations.

The Punisher then visits Stark Towers, a facility owned by Tony Stark (Iron Man) and after learning that the Eternal Sun are attempting to steal some high tech weapons and armor. The Punisher decides to assault the Takagi building, the home of the Eternal Sun leader, Takagi. He discovers that Jigsaw has infiltrated the gang, and is gaining followers. While Jigsaw is being imprisoned in Ryker's Island, the Eternal Sun is already planning to bust him out. After escaping the Takagi building, the Punisher allows himself to be captured by Det. Martin Soap, who has been providing information to the Punisher, and taken to Rykers Island, to confront Jigsaw there, at which time, the flashbacks catch up to the story, and the remainder of the game takes place in the present.

During the interrogation, the prison erupts into a riot. The Punisher escapes from his cell, and starts fighting his way through the sea of inmates. He manages to make it to the rooftops faces Jigsaw. Ultimately defeating him despite the stolen Iron Man armor Jigsaw was wearing. As the Punisher leaves in a helicopter, he throws Jigsaw out, killing him.

In the post-credits scene, the Kingpin is plotting his revenge against the Punisher for the embarrassment he caused him as a medical worker is loading Bullseye onto a stretcher.


  • Thomas Jane as The Punisher (Frank Castle)
  • David Sobolov as Kingpin (Wilson Fisk)
  • John Cygan as Iron Man (Tony Stark)
  • Michael Gough as Detective Martin Soap / Russian Mercenary / Yakuza Mercenary
  • Steve Blum as Bullseye / Matt Murdock (AKA Daredevil) / Damage
  • Philip Maurice Hayes as Bushwacker (Carl Burbank)
  • Julie Nathanson as Lieutenant Molly von Richtofen / Joan
  • Saffron Henderson as Black Widow / Ma Gnucci


  • Thomas Jane, the actor who portrayed Frank Castle in The Punisher film (2004), voices him in the video game as well.
  • There is a brief cameo by Matt Murdock (AKA Daredevil) as The Punisher's assigned lawyer.
  • The Punisher teams up with Black Widow, Nick Fury and Iron Man on certain levels.
  • There are passing references made to Captain America, The Thing, and Sunfire.


  • Frank can dual-wield every weapon in the game except the flamethrower. He must put one of them down to reload.
    • When dual-wielding pump-action shotguns, The Punisher feeds rounds into their chambers by flipping them barrel-upwards and simultaneously working the actions one-handed, à la Sarah Connor in Terminator 2. He then flips them backwards into his hands so he can fire them again.
    • When dual-wielding fighting knives in close combat, The Punisher has a special move. He tosses his knives into a target's hands, then grabs their hands and forces them both upwards into the target's neck for a Quick Kill result.
  • The Punisher earns points for killing antagonists that can be saved to purchase upgrades.
    • The Punisher's stats can be upgraded to upgrade Body Armor (to resist damage) and increase maximum ammunition capacity, maximum grenade carrying capacity, and aimed fine accuracy with weapons. There are also upgrades that increase his Slaughter Mode gauge or allow him to regenerate health when he kills his opponents.
    • Many of Frank's weapons can be upgraded to have scopes, suppressors, and extended magazine capacities. The M4A1 Carbine can be upgraded with a M203A1 Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher.
    • When using an Enhanced Interrogation, the game penalizes the points you gained if you use the Quick Kill option. However, it doesn't if you execute them later without it.
  • The Punisher can interrogate targets for information.
    • Some targets have a Punisher symbol floating over them. They have special information or can unlock "flashbacks" (panels or full page images from the comics depicting major violent moments in Frank Castle's life).
    • There are special areas with a large Punisher symbol floating over them that The Punisher can use for Enhanced Interrogations. They act like the Environmental Kills in the Hitman series, except you can let the target go after he talks. There is an option to use it for a Quick Kill that then goes to a cut scene.
  • The aforementioned Enhanced Interrogation execution cut-scenes were so graphic that they were censored by a black-and-white effect and by having the camera pan away from it to imply the action. This was done to maintain the game's Mature (ages 17+) rating and allowed it to be sold in stores.
    • The computer version of the game had a downloadable patch that gave the player the option of retaining full color and keeping the camera on the action. Since it was optional, it wouldn't potentially offend players who disliked gory content.
    • The similar Manhunter (2003 video game) did not censor its graphic violence and was rated Adults Only (ages 18+). Its domestic sales were hamstrung by having to be sold in America by special order through retailers. It was also banned in several countries like Great Britain and Brazil, thus eliminating overseas sales.

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