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Quote1 To be truthful, even I can't understand this strange phenomenon [Human Torch]! It's hard to say what it is. It might be spontaneous combustion – but who knows? Quote2
-- Phineas Horton


The Scientists' Guild had a meeting with Phineas Horton after he had revealed his creation, the Human Torch, at the 1939 World's Fair. The Guild thought that this new invention was so dangerous that it should be destroyed and this demand, public outcry and presidential order[1] convinced Professor Horton to bury the Torch in a concrete block.[2][3]

Later Professor Horton himself was accepted as a member of the Scientists Guild.[3]


Retelling of Human Torch's origin in Marvel Mystery Comics #92 seems to imply that the Scientists' Guild was also called as the Academy of Science. However, because both are mentioned in the Saga of the Original Human Torch, the organizations are assumed to be different ones.

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