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A spire of Atlantean technological design with engineering based upon the inherent mechanism which allows known felon and super criminal Hydro-Man to command water and outfitted the device using pan-dimensional accessing technologies, enabling it to draw upon the waters of Vodan supposed birthplace of the Atlantean race of old.[1]

This mechanized platform was envisioned by Namor and the mental apparition of Machan as a means of coercing the world to accepting Atlantean rule via the gradual flooding of the whole of the earth with heavy rains.

Such a deluge would be supported through the gateway leading to the Omega Sea of the Vodani waterworld, siphoning it's aqua over to Earth through the means which the Prince of Atlantis first traveled there by.[2]

After which it would begin to steadily drowned the whole world until people begged Atlantis to transform them into water breathers via the Genus Formula.[1] World War II's first heroes, The Invaders would move to stop Machan's (now in the body of Roman Peterson) mad scheme of global conquest. A grand battle would break out upon the Spear where only those whom possess Atlantean genes can access as a force barrier prevents anyone other than a deep dweller from entering it.

After a lengthy bout of superpowered melee, The Submariner was able to overcome his demons; with help from Captain America. And invalidate the threat of the Spear and it's operators for a time.[1]


The Spear was a piece of Atlantean Technology created with Morris Bench's hydrokinetic abilities as the foundation of it's design. Hence why the Submariner had him taken into custody so as to fashion a means copy his abilities unto himself as well as his doomsday device.[3]

Namor's weather control platform could transfer the limitless waters of Vodan to Earth as a world wrecking downpour, essentially submerging the entire world and making it all an extension of Atlantis by proxy.[1]

This atmokinesis defense platform was also outfitted with a protective force-field that could not be breached by anything or anyone whom was not of the Sea King's ilk. As it was tailored to the genetic structure of water breathers and kept everything and everyone else out as a defense measure to prevent interference with the "Omega Sea" plans.[4]

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