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"Final Curtain"

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"Final Curtain"
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  • Goblin Glider (Main story and flashback) (Final appearance)
  • Osborn's Helicopter (Only appearance)[1]

Synopsis for "Final Curtain"

The episode begins with Peter Parker as Spider-Man in a fight with some Pumpkin Heads, the Green Goblin's hired help. With not much effort, the group is defeated and Spidey interrogates them in regards to Gobby's whereabouts. None of them know where he is and Spidey swings away frustrated, losing hope that Harry Osborn (who has been missing for days) would be found and helped. As he leaves the scene a sneaky Pumpkin Head drives a truck full of weaponry away from the warehouse-like scene. Meanwhile, in another part of New York, Gwen Stacy is sitting at her desk at home. She is still going with the make-over Mary Jane Watson gave her which, with the head band, has brought her ever closer to her classic comic book look. Her eyes dart to a picture of her and Peter when she is alerted of someone outside by a rock thrown at her window. She opens her window to find Harry calling, asking for her help.

The scene then shifts to the Parker residence where Peter is the phone assuring his girlfriend Liz Allan that he couldn't have gone to the play even if Aunt May was in it. Things cool down with them, but a concerned Aunt May finally tells Peter that he needs to be truthful with Liz and Gwen because he's hurting both of them. Before Pete can fix that up, Gwen calls him to ask for help with Harry.

Pete arrives at the Stacys'. When he sees Harry he is cautious but remains calm because he remembers that "Peter Parker" doesn't know who the Goblin is, only "Spidey" does. Harry explains to them that his dad (Norman Osborn) and Spider-Man thought the Goblin derived from Harry's subconscious, but that's now an idea of the past. Harry now believes that the Goblin is someone else because he's actually been held hostage for the past few days, and his kidnapper was the Goblin. Gwen advises him to tell his dad, Harry agrees to do so, and he leaves happy. Peter and Gwen are about to awkwardly part, but Peter decides it's time to be honest with her and himself. They both reveal their love for each other unaware of it reaching a hurt Harry's ears.

Later that night at the Osborn residence, Harry reveals who his kidnapper was to his dad. Spidey swings in accusing Norman of being the true Goblin because he saw Norman coming out of a "secret" passageway last Halloween, which Harry points out to be a wine cellar. Norman tells Spider-Man that his suspicions are natural, but earlier in that same episode, the Goblin broke into OsCorp when Norman was talking with people, so witnesses saw Norman and the Goblin together. Harry tells his dad that Donald Menken is calling; Norman apologizes to Spider-Man and goes to take the call.

Confused, Spider-Man walks onto the balcony to reflect on the Goblin's identity. He is so deep in thought that his reaction is late when a bunch of pumpkin bombs then blow him off the balcony. The Green Goblin appears, and a fight between him and Spider-Man ensues. After the Goblin escapes Spidey realizes that he was the real thing because of his actions and words. Spidey asks the Osborns who else has access to Globulin Green. Norman realizes that besides the Osborns, only Donald Menken knew of its existence. Information on his location will have to wait.

The next day, Gwen and Pete are at school, and trying to break up with their respective significant others to be together. Mary Jane catches them, but they shyly deny it and walk away. At lunch, Peter kindly breaks up with Liz, wishing to remain friends. It takes awhile for it to hit home as Liz looks around at all her popular friends who have their own boyfriends and girlfriends. In an outburst she loudly breaks up with Peter before he can with her and dramatically leaves the cafeteria. When she is alone the mask is gone and she breaks down crying.

Gwen and Pete meet up, and Pete tells Gwen how things went with Liz, while Gwen reveals that she couldn't break up with Harry because she never found him. The two then learn that the Connors family is leaving due to the past events with Miles Warren. They all say their good byes and Mrs. Connors warns them of Miles Warren.

Spidey comes back to the still broken down Osborn residence, where Norman is just learning Menken's location over the phone from a man named Gargan. Overhearing, Spidey heads over, while Harry takes Norman up to the roof where Harry ordered a helicopter. Norman seems unaware that Harry knows how to fly a helicopter, who flies himself and his dad towards Spidey and Menken. Meanwhile, Spider-Man confronts Menken, who says in a very monotone voice that he has "no response to that" Goblin accusation. Suddenly, the Goblin appears and starts to fight Spider-Man.

The fight continues into New York's atmosphere, leaving Menken behind. The Goblin meanwhile still can't believe that anyone ever thought that he was Menken. And in the helicopter, Norman seems unusually concerned about Harry's determination to follow the fight, and just frightened in general.

Beforehand, Gobby had set traps all throughout the city to get Spider-Man once and for all. At the same time, more Pumpkin Heads attack Spidey with new technology, but he defeats them all. As Gobby and Spidey continue to fight, Spidey manages to snag the Gobby's mask and the secret is revealed - the Green Goblin is really Norman Osborn!

Harry is in shock seeing this as his father is also sitting right next to him in the helicopter. But then he remembers: Norman had apologized to Spider-Man the night before, and "Norman Osborn never apologizes." Harry reaches for his father's face, which surprisingly comes off as a mask. The Norman Osborn in the helicopter is suddenly revealed to be the Chameleon, which explains his forgetfulness and uncharacteristic-ness earlier in the day. The Chameleon quickly parachutes out of the helicopter, which Spidey sees.

Norman explains everything: he took the Green in a gaseous form to increase his strength, agility, and intelligence with no blackouts or loss of control. The Chameleon started posing as Norman in episode 8 to steal OsCorp secrets for a competitor, but stopped after his own encounter with Spider-Man went south. Norman, as the Goblin, later hired Chameleon to do so again after becoming the new Big Man. So the "Norman Osborn" of these last three episodes (including this one) was actually Chameleon. Finally, while he faked his injured leg last Halloween, Norman actually twisted his own son's leg to give him a real limp, and then dressed Harry as the Goblin.

Norman defends himself saying he was doing it to make a man out of Harry. Angrier than ever, Spider-Man throws a pumpkin bomb at the glider, flinging a surprised Norman towards one of the beforehand set traps for Spidey: an arsenal of pumpkin bombs. The glider and the Green Goblin are pushed into the containment, and the green gas goes off, the pumpkins causing a massive deadly explosion. The real Green Goblin is dead.

A funeral transpires leaving Mrs. Osborn a widow and Harry fatherless. With Gwen and Pete at Norman's grave, Harry claims that the Green made his dad sick, and that Spider-Man should have helped him. He hugs Gwen as Peter looks on guiltily. Then in a twisted way of revenge, because he secretly knows Gwen wanted to break up with him for Pete, Harry warns her how he'll just spiral back to the Green if he didn't have her for a girlfriend. Gwen and Peter share an agreeing look, and Gwen changes nothing. They walk away from Peter hand-in-hand, and Spider-Man alone that night thinks how though his life as Peter Parker is spiraling downhill, at least New York is safe now that the Green Goblin is gone forever.

Another day, at the airport, the Connors family gets ready to go to Miami, Florida. A man who looks extremely similar to Norman Osborn is also seen heading to another flight for the Cayman Islands. The flight attendant apologizes for the delay to the man, Mr. Romann, but he replies: "Don't apologize, I never do."


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