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Quote1 Look at them: scurrying about, wishing they were ants. They're not organized enough to be ants. They're not anything. They're irrelevant and I despise them. Quote2
-- Queen

Appearing in "Changes: Part 1 of 4"

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  • Train

Synopsis for "Changes: Part 1 of 4"

Peter Parker lies in the middle of the pavement monitoring ants when Mary Jane confronts him about the kiss with the Queen, they argue a little and forget about it. Spider-Man goes web-swinging in the hope of clearing his mind, he fails to discover what exactly the Queen done to him when she kissed him. Meanwhile, the Queen takes her drones to their underground hideout. Meanwhile at SHIELD regional HQ, Captain America gives a speech to a group of high ranking officers, including Nick Fury, he says the Queen kissing Spider-Man is a problem, Captain America doesn't give exact details which annoys Nick Fury, who sends a man to tail him. Back at his apartment Spider-Man has a nightmare in which he is trying and failing to escape the Queen. He wakes and feels incredibly ill. Meanwhile the Queen tells her drones that she hates Captain America because he betrayed their relationship in the forties. She mentions her origins. She reveals that SHIELD can't find her. Meanwhile Mary Jane returns home to find that Peter has mutated so he has four eyes.

Solicit Synopsis

AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED TIE-IN! Spidey's life is thrown into turmoil as he begins to undergo a shocking transformation--one that may well leave the web-slinger scarred forever!

  • What is the cause of this strange mutation--and how does it connect to the troubles plaguing the Avengers?

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