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| Appearing1 =
| Appearing1 =
'''Featured Characters:'''
'''Featured Characters:'''
* {{a|[[Peter Parker (Earth-616)|Spider-Man]]}}
* {{apn|[[Peter Parker (Earth-616)|Spider-Man]]|Peter Parker: Spider-Man Vol 2 #57}}
'''Supporting Characters:'''
'''Supporting Characters:'''

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Appearing in "The Hunger (pt 1)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Hunger (pt 1)"

Detective Garrett investigates a series of murders where all of the victims have puncture marks on their backs and their bodies have been stripped clean of adrenaline; Eddie seeks forgiveness from a priest for past sins; Peter, May and Liz gather at the hospital to watch the bandages being taken off of the face of the badly injured and mostly comatose Flash Thompson; Spidey gets into a brawl with Venom, only to find out that the symbiote is traveling around without its human host.

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