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Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

  • Charles Campion (First appearance)
  • Stuart Redman (First appearance)
  • Bill Hapscomb (First appearance)
  • Norm Bruett (First appearance)
  • Frannie Goldsmith (First appearance)
  • Larry Underwood (First appearance)

Supporting Characters:

  • Sally Campion (First appearance)
  • LaVon Campion (First appearance)
  • Vic Palfrey (First appearance)
  • Tommy Wannamaker (First appearance)
  • Jesse (First appearance)
  • Wayne Stuckey (First appearance)
  • Alice Underwood (First appearance)
  • Bobby Bruett (First appearance)
  • Luke Bruett (First appearance)
  • Joseph Brentwood (First appearance)


Other Characters:




Synopsis for 1st story

In California, somewhere in the desert Charles Campion wakes his wife Sally Campion late in the dark of night. He tells her to grab their baby and get in the car as they have to leave where they are living right now. As he is doing this he mutters about how they are all dead from an accident. As they drive off Charlie begins coughing and as they make their way to Nevada, Charlie's coughing steadily increases.

In Arnette, Texas Stuart Redman enjoys a beer with his friends at Bill Hapscomb's service station. Stu looks out the window and sees a Chevy careening towards the pumps. He manages to switch them all off before the Chevy drives straight into them, crashing to a halt.

Ogunquit, Maine. Frannie Goldsmith sits with her boyfriend Jesse and informs that she is pregnant. Caught off guard he asks her to marry him, which she declines.

In Arnette Bob tries to pull the dying driver out of the car. Stu looks inside the car to see the corpse of a lady and her baby, faces covered in mucus. Norm Bruett rings for an ambulance. The dying man lying on the ground mutters about the clock going red and that he didn't move fast enough. The man in the Chevy is picked up by the ambulance and dies on his way to the hospital in Braintree. He is identified as Charles D Campion. Stu and his friends left behind are clearly shaken about what happened to the man and his family and what may have caused the issue.

Brooklyn, New York. Larry Underwood reminisces about how he recorded a song, "Baby, can you did your man?". The song rises in popularity and lands on the Billboard's Hot One Hundred. It finally lands at number forty-seven. Larry then began to party in Malibu uncontrollably. Larry is finally confronted by his friend Wayne Stuckey who tells him all his real friends have gone home days ago and that it is time for him to leave. Larry decided to head home to New York where his mum lives. Alice Underwood accepts her son back to live with her for awhile even they he hasn't kept in contact with her for a long time. Larry breaks down in front of his mum and she is reminded of Larry's great weakness, although there is a great potential of good within him which would take some great catastrophe to actually come out.

Arnette. Norm wakes with a massive headache and starts sneezing, great green mucus flowing from his nose. Norm fails to recognize that it is the same colour phlegm as what was coming out of Charlie's nose and mouth. Later in the day Norm's two boys begin sneezing as well.

Joe Bob Brentwood is filling up at Bill's service station and informs Stu and the rest of his friends healthy enough to be at work, the situation. Apparently some pathologists flew in to analyze Charlie's body, who then called in some guys from the Plague Center in Atlanta. After the explanation Bill begins to start sneezing. Vic Palfrey looks concerned and admits that he woke up in the morning with a massive headache, sneezing and was full of snot. Bill informs the men that Norm and his two sons are sick in bed. Vic suggests that perhaps they are all coming down with the same sickness that Charlie had. The normally reserved and quiet Stu asks if perhaps the service station be closed for today.

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