Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

  • Bill Starkey (First appearance)
  • Len Creighton (First appearance)
  • Larry Underwood
  • Nick Andros (First appearance)
  • John Baker (First appearance)

Supporting Characters:

  • Charles Campion (Mentioned)
  • Stuart Redman
  • Joseph Brentwood (Mentioned)
  • Bill Hapscomb (Only in flashback)
  • Harry Trent (Only in flashback) (First appearance)
  • Patty Greer (First appearance)
  • Peter Goldsmith (First appearance)
  • Frannie Goldsmith (First appearance)
  • Maria (First appearance)


  • Ray Booth (First appearance)
  • Vincent Hogan (First appearance)
  • Mike Childress (First appearance)
  • Billy Warner (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Edward Norris (Only in flashback) (First appearance)
  • Marsha Norris (Only in flashback) (First appearance)
  • Stanley Norris (Only in flashback) (First appearance)
  • Hector Norris (Only in flashback) (First appearance)
  • Sarah Bradford (Only in flashback) (First appearance)
  • Angela Duprey (Only in flashback) (First appearance)
  • Samantha (Only in flashback) (First appearance)
  • Ted Enslin (Only in flashback) (First appearance)
  • Jesse (Mentioned) (First appearance)
  • Doc Soames (Mentioned) (First appearance)
  • Rich Ellerton (Mentioned) (First appearance)
  • Janey Baker (Mentioned) (First appearance)
  • Dr. Denninger (First appearance)
  • Dick Deitz (First appearance)
  • Geraldo (Mentioned) (First appearance)




Synopsis for 1st story

The California desert. Headquarters of Project Blue. General Bill Starkey stares at a monitor screen which shows a dead man lying in his bowl of soup. Bill thinks to himself how the accident happened perfectly between shifts. Len Creighton informs that all the men who handled Campion's body have tested positive except Stuart Redman. Bill laments if only Campion had not run and that security had not been so sloppy. Len continues his report. Arnette has been quarantined and that another sixteen cases of A-Prime flu.

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