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The players identify a temporal disturbance in 1871 around Dodge City and go there to investigate. They will discover that time has gone mad in the area, with different anachronism they must fight while tring to discover the truth: Three armies from different periods are battling each other, unaware of a fourth army, an alien species from the future, who intend to destroy all the life in the area to research themselves. Super-villains have arrived from 1968 wanting to control the time perturbance and use it in their profit. While fighting dinosaurs and trying to unify a resistance, the characters will meet some wild west heroes and ally with them and with the only time-traveller who could help them to return everything and everyone to their own place.


The Weird, Weird West is a role-playing game adventure published by TSR, Inc. for the original Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game. It was the second of a three-part module where the player characters are intended to time-travel using an alien time machine. It was intended to be used after All This and World War II and before The Revenge of Kang.

Player Characters

The players could chose the characters they want using the Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe, or even create their own characters. The game suggested the West Coast Avengers, in particular The Vision, The Moon Knight and The Scarlet Witch. However, illustration art by John Statema also featured Hawkeye, Tigra and Wonder Man.

During the plot, the heroes were supposed to meet and befriend some Wild West heroes, including Kid Colt, Two-Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid and the Phantom Rider (identified as the Ghost Rider). Certain parts of the adventure could require a player to stop playing her twentieth-century character and play one of the available nineteenth-century characters for a while. The module had used this tactic in its previous adventure, All This and World War II, where each player alternatively played a present-day heroe or a member of the Invaders.

Similarly, entries for other wild west heroes (Texas Twister, Shooting Star, Red Wolf) are provided in case the player number was too high.


  • Written and designed by Ray Winninger
  • Editing by Chris Mortika
  • Cover illustration by Jeff Butler
  • Interior illustrations by John Statema
  • Maps by Paul Hanchette & Cory Graham
  • Typesetting by Angelika Lokotz
  • Keylining by Paul Hanchette
  • Distributed by Random House
  • Published in 1989
  • Original price: $8.95


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