The 17th century version of the Wizard of Earth-311 was self-described as "the greatest scientist alive in the year of Our Lord 1602". He claimed to have been captain of a ship that reached the edge of the world and found a golden city, with the "Four who are Frightful" as his crew. Shortly before arriving in Bensaylum with Otto von Doom, he admitted that this was an exaggeration.

Medusa (who in this reality turns men to stone with her eyes) is the Wizard's lover. In the final issue of the series, in a struggle with von Doom, Wizard accidentally tears Medusa's protective veil and looks into her eyes, which turn him to stone.

Like his Earth-616 counterpart, the Wizard had some means of defying gravity, although its exact nature was unclear. He referred to having some magical abilities.


He has the power of magic, which is probably the reason why he can defy gravity


None known

Strength level

Normal human male


None known

  • Although Wizard's eyes are shown to be blue through most of the miniseries, in the first issue they are brown.

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