The Blue Marvel was a bioduplicate of Thelius, a Uranian Eternal who came to Earth in the guise of Bob Grayson (Marvel Boy). He was created by Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet alongside three other wielders of the Quantum Bands from Eon's vestigial memory and from remnants of the Eonverse. Quasar was able to overpower and destroy the other duplicates but was only able to incapacitate "Marvel Boy" and left him in the Eonverse.[1]

The duplicate survived in the Eonverse by consuming the corpse of Eon. He was retrieved by Thanos and sent to Earth to replace Quasar after his "death" at the hands of the Ultimate Nullifier. It appeared as though Thanos did this by pretending to be Epoch choosing him as the new protector of the universe.[2] Once on Earth he attempted to join the Avengers, and after trying to use the codename "Marvel Boy" and "Quasar" he settled on Blue Marvel. The Avengers were relunctant (and suspicious) to let him just join the team and would have to go through the required background check. This annoyed Blue Marvel that he left and after visiting Four Freedoms Plaza he faced and defeated the super-villain, Heat Ray. After knocking the villain unconscious he was about to chop off his head when he was stopped by Captain Marvel. The two fought and Captain Marvel was captured and was about to kill her two when the rest of the Avengers showed up to help.[3]

They fought him and were able to overpowered him, but he teleported away before they could capture him. He sought out the Punisher who he deemed was a treating criminals the way they deserved. The Punisher did not want to take on a side-kick, and so Blue Marvel outfitted himself with a new costume and tried to help Punisher escape from the police. He was too aggressive and the Punisher threatened to hunt down Blue Marvel if a single cop was killed. Blue Marvel considered killing the Punisher but was called away by Thanos, who informed him someone was trying to restore Quasar. He traveled to the White Room and destroyed the Angel of Vengeance, who was trying to free Quasar and then attempted to slay Quasar himself.[4] Quasar was disintergrated but was able to be restored by the Star Brand. Quasar took up the sword of the Angel of Vengeance, and this coupled with the Star Brand was able to overpower the Blue Marvel. Quasar then placed Blue Marvel in his sear in the White Room, allowing him to leave.[5]


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