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The daughter of the Asgardian god of thunder Thor, Thena escaped Asgard after the world-devourer Galactus destroyed her world. She lost track of Sylene, her cousin and childhood friend, during the evacuation, as Sylene hid, wanting to avenge her exiled father, the god of mischief Loki. Sometime later, her father and grandfather, Thor and Odin, began rebuilding Asgard, and meanwhile Thena was sent to Earth to restore Thunderstrike's powers, which he had lost. While traveling inside a meteor, she was attacked by Nova and Earth Sentry, who had mistaken her for an enemy. Arriving at Manhattan, the angry Thena battled the Avengers, which led to her hammer being shattered after she struck J2's helmet. Eventually, Katherine Power convinced her to relent after she stunned her with a power blast. Afterwards, she was given a new titanium hammer, crafted by the Avengers' staff, as an apology, and then she accompanied them on their rescue mission for Masterson, who had been kidnapped by Sylene. After the Avengers and Thena battled the rock troll Ulik and the robot Ultron Extreme, they mistakenly rescued a disguised Sylene, who captured and took them to her volcanic base. There, Sylene tossed Thena and J2 into a pool of mystic energy, intending to use them as ingredients in her spell to transform Earth into an Asgard replica. However, J2 recovered and destroyed the pool, and after rescuing Thena, reversed Sylene's spell. The other Avengers were freed, and Thena finally restored Masterson's powers. The newly-restored Thunderstrike defeated Sylene, and after Avengers member Mainframe crashed a satellite into the volcano, they all escaped.[2]

Powers and Abilities

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As an Asgardian, Thena possesses superhuman strength, durability, endurance and longevity. She can fly and summon violent thunderstorms.


Thena is a very skilled warrior.

Physical Strength

She can lift 45 tons.



After her first hammer was destroyed on J2's head, Jarvis gave her a one-ton titanium alloy hammer, though not the real Mjolnir, it is unknown where it came from.


Thunder jumping or Quinjet.


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