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Theo Bell - before getting to know Loki - was an engineering student at an university in England, whilst also working a job at one of Stark Industries' factories. However, the factory was closed due to a scandal, and everyone who worked there was arrested, but swiftly released, except for Theo. Theo was charged with indecency for kissing a man, and sent to jail where he suffered a lot of abuse at the hands of fellow convicts because of his sexuality. One of the convicts broke his leg by means of standing on it, causing Theo to have to use a cane to walk. As a result of the charge, he was also kicked out of college, and thus unable to finish it.

Thanks to an investigation conducted by SHARP into the prison of London, the society found a very ill Theo and decided to help him, making him part of SHARP as their inventor, additionally providing him a small flat to live in.


Theo Bell, as shown in the book, is a kind person with a strong inclination for justice and good. However, even as the most shy and youngest person of SHARP, he is very brave, smart and not so easy to manipulate by others. Getting to deal with Loki's chaotic personality thanks to it.



  • Intelligence: Theo is intelligent and well-read, and he has particular interest in Norse mythology.
  • Engineering: Theo studied engineering at university and invents items for use with the SHARP society.[1]



  • Walking cane, which he uses because of a limp.
  • Glasses that can see magical residue.


  • A black powder that can knock out an Asgardian or Frost Giant.
  • Magic-suppressing cuffs from Asgard.

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