In the wake of Thanos' invasion, Dr. Goodrich appeared leading a new incarnation of the Enclave looking for Inhuman cocoons which investigate. When the Enclave located a changeling Inhuman (an Inhuman which emerges from his/her cocoon almost immediately after being enclosed in it) named Randy Jessup, Dr. Goodrich kidnapped him from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, without knowing the scientist guarding Jessup was Bruce Banner.[1]

Goodrich gave Jessup a tour through the Beehive, who noticed the Enclave's power source was too unstable. When the Hulk arrived to rescue Randy, he used the distraction caused by the Hulk's havoc to attempt to defuse the Enclave's power. When Ted attempted to salvage the content of an Inhuman cocoon as his entire work had been destroyed, he and Dr. Webb were engulfed by the creature inside it.[2]

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