When future versions of Spider-Man, Vincent Doonan and Terrible Eye worked with Teddy Pool in an attempt to return Gwenpool to her native universe to prevent her evil future self from existing, they unwittingly creaed a pocket universe instead, which was melded from Gwen and Teddy's memories.[1]

This reality followed a similar history to its original version. Both of Gwen's parents, Ted and Martha, were disappointed that Gwen had become a NEET after failing to graduate from high school, and barely bothered to find a job, preferring instead to lock herself in the world of comic books.[2] Ted became more permissive after Gwen got a job at a cinema snack bar, and even found Gwen an alternative to New York Comic Con after it was sold out.[3]

Ted, Martha and Teddy searched for Gwen after she had escaped the pocket universe. They witnessed her when she returned and confronted her brother. Gwen then tore a hole in the pocket universe in front of Ted and Martha to show Teddy that they weren't in their real native universe,[4] and escaped with him back to the Marvel Universe.[1]

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