The Man-Thing unwittingly saved and helped Spider-Man from the Lizard in New York City's sewers by grabbing hold of the rampaging creature and calming it as the Man-Thing changed the Lizard back into Curtis Conners. After changing the Lizard, Man-Thing then (magically) disappears in a shroud of mists.[1]


The Man-Thing is superhumanly strong and moves more rapidly than his bulky appearance would suggest. His empathic senses can detect human emotion, most notably fear, and his touch can burn anyone who is sufficiently fearful.

  • With the consciousness of Ted Sallis either submerged or destroyed, the Man-Thing is motivated solely by instinct and reaction to his empathic senses.
  • In Ultimate Fantastic Four #7, during a flashback that transformed Reed Richards and his colleagues into the Fantastic Four, the Man-Thing is shown for a moment as one of the forms they could have taken.

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