Man Thing shared a similar history to his Earth-616 until Dr, Oheimer was shot at, and Man-Thing managed to push him out of the way and prevented his death. Dr Oheimer was then by the FBI to continue his research and eventually was able to restore the human mind of the Man-Thing but was unable to develop a method a communication. A high-ranking government official named Bendix managed to isolate the Super-Soldier Serum from a sample of Man-Thing's tissue and had Oheimer's project shut down and tried to have the Man-Thing killed. However, the Man-Thing stowed away on their vehicles and arrived in Florida swamp and set ouy to harness the Nexus of All Realities for himself. He killed Bendix and his agents, but doesn't account for an alligator test subject being transformed by the serum into a new version of Man-Thing. When the Man-Thing and the Gator-Thing fought, Sallis did not account for his new intelligence giving him emotions, and thus fear and began to burn at the touch of the creature and died.[1]


Seemingly those of Theodore Sallis (Man-Thing) of Earth-616.

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