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Tracy Burke was a renowned but retired journalist (and recovering alcoholic). She was offered a job by Carol Danvers as associate editor at Woman Magazine, a Daily Bugle publication. Having already roots in New York City and craving stability in her life, she accepted Carol's offer.[2]

She shortly after started working at Woman Magazine despite her history with alcoholism.[3] Tracy was often forced to run the magazine during Carol's absences as Ms. Marvel.[4] During a night shift, she and photojournalist Frank Gianelli, found an intruder in Carol's private office, the burglar managed to overcome Gianelli and escaped without sustaining any injuries.[5]

When Gianelli noticed how overworked and stressed their boss was, she and Gianelli organized an snowball fight to cheer her up.[6] Eventually J. Jonah Jameson fired Carol and Tracy took over her position.[7] Tracy later transferred to Now magazine. She and Phil Sheldon travelled to the damaged Rockies and covered their restoration[8] (as depicted in Avengers #266).

Tracy was in a relationship with Theadocia "Teddy" Matthews for 15 years until Theadocia died.[9] Tracy died after a lengthy battle with cancer.[9]

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