Theresa Cassidy was unaware that she is the daughter of the X-Man known as Banshee. She was in the care of a human man and they were herded into a train to be shipped off to a slave camp to be terminated. The train was stopped by the Outcasts, a band of mutants who traveled the ruins of America led by the mutant inventor known as Forge. The Outcasts saved Sonique and the others from certain death.

During the battle, Theresa saved young Outcast Nate Grey from an Infinite soldier, manifesting her mutant powers for the first time. She passed out from the exertion, and Grey insisted that she be taken along with them. As they escaped, they also picked up the man named Essex, secretly the geneticist Sinister who had actually created Grey[1]. Theresa took on the name Sonique, and along with Grey came to trust Essex, much to Forge's chagrin. She later followed the Outcasts after they were convinced to accompany Essex to one of Apocalypse's factories, and watched as Nate Grey destroyed it[2].

Their rebel activities soon drew the attention of Domino and her assassins, who had come to recruit Grey or kill him. The assassins attempted to slay the Outcasts, but Sonique survived the attack, aiding Forge in killing Grizzly[3]. After Nate seemingly slayed Sinister, he left Sonique behind to care for their injured friend Sauron while he went to battle Apocalypse alongside the X-Men[4].

Sinister Six

Sinister survived Grey's assault and later managed to capture and brainwash both Sonique and Sauron, forcing them to join his Sinister Six to defend him while being hunted down by the X-Men. Tracking Sinister to Liberty Island, the X-Men attacked Sinister and battled the Six[5]. During the battle, Sonique was badly wounded by Silver Samurai, who purposefully spared her life, knowing that she was not in her right mind[6]. Sauron was not so lucky, and was impaled by Magneto after killing his son. Sonique was one of the few survivors of Sinister's group, but Psylocke had doubts that she'd be able to reverse the effects of Sinister's brainwashing techniques.


Seemingly those of Theresa Cassidy (Earth-616)#Powers.

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