Theresa Pryde is the mother of Kitty Pryde "Shadowcat". When kitty started to manifest her powers,She sought help from Charles Xavier,leader of the X-men. Xavier was eager to have the bright girl, but She would only allow her to attend Xavier's school under one condition: that young Katherine would not take part in any X-Men missions, nor train in the "Danger Room." Xavier agreed and Kitty was quickly enrolled in the school.

Kitty moves back in with Theresa in queens after parting ways with the X-Men. After the events of Ultimatum and the shut down of Xavier's school, Theresa finds herself arguing with Midtown High School's principal over the enrollment of her mutant daughter. It is when Theresa comes home early from work she finds that Kitty has been hiding Bobby Drake in the house. Theresa makes a stand and tells her daughter that she cannot take care of both her and Bobby as their lives are already in too much turmoil since Magneto's flooding of New York. Theresa and her daughter figure the best they can do for Bobby is to see if May Parker will take the boy in.

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