Roberts was one of a group of prankster M.I.T. students who were friends with the young professor Jenny Swensen, and helped her steal the MAX Armor designed by her late father to keep it from the wrong hands. Swensen began adventuring using the armor, calling herself Spitfire, while Roberts and her friends helped her as the Troubleshooters, some of them using technology derived from the MAX Armor. Roberts used a cybernetic helmet called Think-Tank that could link up to computers.[citation needed]

After the Troubleshooters thwarted a terrorist attack by Steel Hawk, he came after them for revenge, killing one and crippling another. Roberts escaped from harm, but wanted no further part in their adventures, though she did help one of her friends Eduardo Giotti track down Steel Hawk so he could try and kill him. [citation needed]




Roberts used Think-Tank, a cybernetic helmet that enabled her to link up to computers and scan them for information.

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