Dr. Theron Atlanta was a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who invented a proceedure that allowed him to switch the psyches of two different subjects. After testing the device on himself, Dr. Atlanta was driven insane and committed to an asylum.[1] He was later freed by Obadiah Stane, who wanted to use him in his plans to destroy his rival Tony Stark and his alter ego Iron Man.[2] Stane had Atlanta switch the minds of Stark's lover Bethany Cabe and the villainess Madame Masque. Stane and Atlanta were opposed by Stark as Iron Man and defeated, and the two women's minds were switched back to their rightful bodies.

Atlanta later became involved with AIM and again came into conflict with Iron Man. They were defeated and Atlanta was captured.


Dr. Atlanta was a brilliant scientist who made pioneering discoveries in the field of psyche imprinting.


As a result of experimenting on himself, Atlanta had mental problems.

Other scientists and mind-transfer machines:The Mad Doctor,Franz Radzik[[1]],Doctor Bradford[[2]],Doctor Karl Stragg,Machinesmith(Samuel Saxon),Ameridroid(Lyle Dekker). Kronin Krask and Professor Power(Anthony Power) had scientists create their mind-transfer machines.

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