The so-called Thief of Bagdad was a thief that lived in Baghdad during the 1940s. By 1947 he was captured by the authorities and was to be executed for his crimes. However, the Sultan of Baghdad's daughter was to be married, but nothing her father could obtain as wedding gifts could please her. Instead he offered the Thief an ultimatum: steal unique and expensive items for his daughter's wedding and have his sentence commuted, or die. The Thief took up the offer, and was given a list to find the following items: Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

The Thief decided to try his luck in America and took a ship out to the United States. There he successfully stole an priceless Ming vase, the theft making newspaper headlines. He next stole a new chinchilla fur coat from a fashion show. The show was attended by the Human Torch and Toro who attempted to stop the Thief, however they Thief managed to escape, but not without accidentally dropping his list, tipping the Torch and Toro off to his plans.

When the Thief read about the Gala International Ball, where the wife to the ambassador of Moldavia was going to wear a necklace borrowed from Queen Catherine he hired a gang of thugs to help him with the threat. At the ball, the Thief turned out the lights and stole the necklace, but once more was pursued by the Human Torch and Toro. Having crafted a phony necklace, the Thief tossed the fake away, distracting the Torch long enough for him to escape with the real article. However, the Thief's theft spree came to an end when the Human Torch set up a trap luring the Thief out of hiding. Putting a false newspaper story about a display of Gainsborough's priceless painting "Blue Boy" at the local art museum, the Thief took the bait only to steal a fake of the painting. This left him open to attack by the Torch and Toro who chased the Thief back up to the roof of the building. There he attempted to flee across the rope he used to cross over to the building but tripped and began to fall. The Torch saved him from a fatal fall and turned him over to the police. Although his mission was a failure, the Thief was content to be put in jail in America, as if he was to be returned home he would have met the executioner's axe.[1]

The Thief's subsequent fate is unknown.


The Thief used various devices to assist in his thefts. Such as a suction rope, a special rope with a suction cup attachment, and acid which he used to melt through solid barriers barring his path.


The Thief wielded a scimitar.

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