Quote1 Oh, it's time all right. It's clobberin' time! Quote2
-- Thing

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Synopsis for "Strange Things"

While stranded in the town of Clarkston, Michigan, the Thing has stumbled upon groups of Kree and Skrulls operating in the city. Having just exposed the Skrulls posing as members of a carnival freakshow, the Thing has to fight against them, as they believe he will try and stop them from obtaining a child that they are seeking. Paibok, the Skrull leader, explains that the carnival freaks are on his side due to his amplified persuasion powers granted to him by Centurian science. Because he is already sick from the food that the Kree fed him earlier in the day, the Thing is easily trounced by Paibok and eventually he throws up all over Paibok, ejecting an egg from his stomach. The egg is instantly recognised by the Skrulls as a Kree Evolver. Completely transformed the Evolver introduces herself as Staak who announces that she has been assign to kill the Thing. When the Skrulls try and stop her she begins slaying them instead. As the Thing fights his way out of the carnival, Paibok recalls how Evolvers always attack in pairs and wonders where Staak's companion is.

With their secret compromised, the Kree dropped their disguises and fly off to engage the Skrulls. Meanwhile, the Thing enters the town pharmacy and tries to use the phone, only to discover it is a fake. He also notices that Istivan has followed him, having shook off Paibok's influence. Ben apologises to Istivan for making fun of him as a child. Istivan accepts the apology and notes that Ben is a freak now as well and gives apologies of his own. The two become fast friends and head off to deal with the alien invaders walking past the diner where the second Kree Evolver is going has just activated.

After discovering that the entire town is a Kree sham, the Thing and Istivan decided to check out the barn that the Kree have hidden something. After knocking out the guards with a hay wagon, the Thing and Istivan enter the barn and find spying equipment as well as what they have been hiding: A baby Watcher. Before Ben can get the young Watcher out of the barn it suddenly comes down around them as both the Kree and Skrull armies have converged on the area in order to claim the child for themselves. With enemies all around him, the Thing announces that it's clobbering time.


Continuity Notes

  • Ben recalls that the Kree and Skrulls have been at war for centuries, this fact was first made apparent in Captain Marvel #2. He mentions how the Kree can adapt to any environment. He is specifically referring to an offshoot of the Kree called the Ruul who were created by the Supreme Intelligence in Maximum Security #3. Ben talks about the fall of the Skrull empire which happened when the Skrull homeworld was destroyed by Galactus back in Fantastic Four #256.

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