Quote1.png Aw, who you kiddin', Ben? After all this time, you know there's only one constant in life. Things never change. Quote2.png
-- Thing

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Synopsis for "It's Clobberin' Time!"

Discovering the Kree have captured a baby Watcher named Talmadge, the Thing and his friend Istvan, a circus freak, are the only people stopping the Kree and the Skrulls from taking the child. Announcing that it's clobbering time the Thing lays into his foes. During the fight, Paibok the Power Skrull uses his hypnotic powers to enthrall Istvan again and turn him against the Thing.

As the Thing fends off Istvan's blows, the Thing asks the young Watcher to help him out, but due the baby does nothing due to the Watcher's oath of non-interference. As the Kree resume their battle with the Skrulls, Istvan shrugs off Paibok's influence and the pair pick up the Watcher to carry it away. As Ben and Istvan pass the Clarkston diner, they are attacked by the second Kree Evolver that has been awoken to stop him. They are also joined by the other Evolver, the female known as Staak. During the brawl the Thing manages to grab Staak's battle staff and break it in half. The feedback cause both the Evolvers to revert back to their egg forms.

Standing off against the Kree, the Thing tries to bluff them by telling them that the Fantastic Four have been aware of their attack from the start and that the United States Army and other superheroes are converging on their location. When it turns out their scanner was being jammed the Kree accept Ben's bluff and depart with Paibok as their prisoner. However, unwilling to leave loose ends the Kree leader sets the entire town to explode. Surviving the blast the Thign and the freaks try to figure out what to do next when the Watchers arrive to collect the baby. They scold Talmadge for playing a part in its own rescue. The young watcher explains to the Thing that it mentally influenced events to bring the Thing to town after finding the memories of Ben in Istav's mind.

When Ben asks why the young Watcher chose him, the alien explains it is because he likes him. Shortly after the Watchers love, the Thing learns that the freaks are moving on. When Istav offers Ben to join them he briefly considers it, even runs for the train that they are all hopping on, but when the Thing leaps for it he misses and face plants on the ground. Deciding that his fate is back with the Fantastic Four, Ben makes the long walk back to New York City as a heavy downpour begins.


Continuity Notes

  • The watchers mention their oath of non-interference, they began this oath when their interference in the development of the Prosilican race led to their annihilation. This was first seen in Tales of Suspense #53 and expanded upon in Original Sin #0.

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