Thing (Doppelganger) (Earth-616) Wonder Man Vol 1 15

Alternate Thing doppelganger. [1]

When the Magus, the dark personality of Adam Warlock, sought to conquer the universe, he first paid a visit to Anthropomorpho in the Dimension of Manifestation to create dopplegangers of every super-hero on Earth. [2]

A few of these dopplegangers was based off the Fantastic Four's Thing. [3] One of these doppelgangers was sent to attack the Thing in New York City. It would have succeeded in its mission had it not been for the intervention of the Fantastic Four's sometime foe the Puppet Master. Not willing to see the Thing die against such a foe, the Puppet Master altered a puppet he intended to use to control the Thing so that it resembled the doppelganger. The Puppet Master then threw the puppet onto the third rail in the subway tunnel the battle was taking place in. The electricity incinerated the doll as well as the doppelganger. [4]. Another Thing doppelganger was seen among a horde of evil duplicates that were unleashed upon the heroes who banned together to destroy the Magus. [5][6][1] Ultimately this final this doppleganger was destroyed along with all the others when Adam Warlock finally defeated the Magus. [7]


The doppelgangers can assume the form of whatever individual they desire, able to mimic their abilities, powers, and weapons. In their natural form of a tentacled creature, they are able to merge with their prey, taking over their bodies.

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