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Synopsis for "With Friends Like These..."

The Thing takes a cab from Mercy General Hospital back towards the Baxter Building. When he arrives he finds Wonder Man standing at the door. At first, he greets him quite cordially, but within seconds Wonder Man goes berserk and begins pummeling the Thing. Lurking from the shadows around the corner, the recently reconstituted Puppet Master gleefully manipulates Wonder Man's actions.

Their fight is brutal and both men continue to tear up Madison Avenue. The Avenger known as She-Hulk, having detected the battle on Avengers Mansion's instruments, shows up to lend the Thing a hand. But she too falls sway to the Puppet Master's mind control. She begins bashing Ben all around the street until Ben decides to trap her by rolling her up in a stretch of pavement.

Spider-Man happens to be swinging by and becomes the Puppet Master's next pawn. He plays cat-and-mouse with the Thing for the better part of an hour, wearing him down. But ultimately, the Thing manages to grab onto Spidey and knock him out.

The Puppet Master then diversifies his talents and takes control of an entire horde of civilians. The Thing keeps them away from him with gusts of super breath. He now knows who his true foe is. He just has to find him.

Without leaving his hiding spot, the Puppet Master is now ready for the coup de grace. He takes control of the Thing himself and pledges to kill millions of people making him the most hunted and despised monster in the world.

Solicit Synopsis

What do you do if your mind, if your will power, has been sapped by the perfidious Puppet Master? Well... whatever he says! In this issue, at the Puppet Master's command, Spider-Man, Wonder-Man and the savage She-Hulk, go toe-to-toe with Ben Grimm-- and no, it's not just another super-hero slugfest. John and Ron wouldn't let you down! Plus a special feature: John Byrne shows you how to draw The Thing.


Continuity Notes

  • The Thing deduces that he is being attacked by the Puppet Master and recalls their last battle in Fantastic Four #236 when he was left in a miniature robotic body in Liddleville. That body was since destroyed in Fantastic Four #246 and because his body went missing the Puppet Master's mind transferred into his clay, as seen last issue.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a one-page back-up feature, "How to Draw the Thing!" signed by John Byrne.

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