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Synopsis for "Ancient Evenings Ancient Pain!"

Ben Grimm is moping around the Baxter Building feeling sorry for himself. He is glad that Reed decided not to disband the Fantastic Four as he had feared, but he now finds himself re-evaluating his own life. Leaving the building, he decides to go for a walk. He eventually comes upon the She-Hulk who buys him a drink at a local pub. After talking through some issues, they go outside where they find that an armored car has been stolen. She-Hulk stops the truck, and Ben nearly flies off the handle in an effort to stop the thieves.

He parts ways with She-Hulk and goes to the hospital to visit Alicia. While he’s talking to Alicia, an old janitor watches them. But he is more than just an aging custodian.

Four thousand years ago – Ancient Egypt. The Queen of the land desired a slave to be brought to her for an evening’s company while her husband, the Pharaoh was out on a hunt. The slave refused to gratify the Queen’s sexual demands and earned her wrath. When the Pharaoh returned, the Queen lied to him and said that the slave refused to prepare a feast for the Pharaoh and that he should be punished. Taking her word for it, the Pharaoh agreed. He had red hot fire pokers driven through his eyes into his skull. The Queen further commanded the court wizard to curse his spirit in the after-life as well. The wizard was reluctant to follow such a cruel order, but complied just the same.

Throughout the ages, the wizard discovered the secrets of extending life, and now, even though he is ancient both in body and spirit, he exists as a custodian at Mercy General Hospital. He recognizes that the Ka (spirit) of the slave resides within the form of Ben Grimm. Laboring to help avenge this great wrong, the janitor produces an artifact that allows the slave’s mind to dominate Ben Grimm’s form. Ben’s body undergoes a physical change as well and he stands as a majestic rock-hewn warrior.

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The ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing is in trouble again - victim of an ancient Egyptian curse! And not your run-of-the-mill magic spell, either - but one which changes him... forever?


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