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Synopsis for "What Price a Soul?"

The body of the Thing has been possessed by the spirit of a four-thousand year old Egyptian slave who now wants revenge upon the entire world. Using the Thing’s overwhelming strength, the slave wreaks havoc throughout Mercy General Hospital. Alicia Masters leaves her hospital room and struggles to navigate through the debris and devastation.

When she gets outside, she perceives that the Thing’s onslaught has carried over onto the city streets. Everything is in a state of chaos: building are destroyed, cars are toppled over and people are running in mass panic. Alicia finds a police officer and tells him that the villain they seek is the mind-controlled Thing.

The path of the Thing takes him to the United Nations Headquarters, where he bursts into the council chambers and announces to the delegates that he plans on taking over the entire world. The old wizard responsible for resurrecting the slave’s consciousness in Ben’s body arrives as well.

After pleading with a police inspector at a precinct house not to call in the Avengers, whose power Alicia is afraid may prove fatal to the Thing, Alicia shows up at the UN building and convinces the warrior that he has no right to appropriate Ben’s body. The slave agrees to cease his rampage. He grabs the wizard and disappears forever, leaving the Thing in control of his body once again.

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