That creature was an Old One, originating (according to Jacob Roark) from the pits of R'lyeh.[2]

Modern days

When Doctor Strange weakened the barriers containing the Old Ones, that thing was let loose and harassed Jacob Roark in his cabin where he had retired himself to meditate for five years, and whose greater magical potential had been awakened by the same event, and whose energies was the only thing holding the thing's shape.

When Jacob's daughter came with her family to urge her father to return to civilization, the thing devored both her and her husband, leaving Jacob stranded in the house with his two grandchildren, and the thing pursuing attacks.

Thing from R'lyeh (Earth-616) from Strange Tales Vol 2 19 0001

The thing finally breaking into the cabin

Doctor Strange came to Jacob's help, helping him to relinquish his power so that the thing would depart, just as the thing was finally breaching into the cabin and .[2]

It is unknown if that Old One was part of the Black Gods of R'Lyeh, Old Ones as well.

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