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Third Battalion

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Third Battalion
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Hellion (about the destruction of Fortress X)
Can't believe they'd make such an obvious mistake!
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What? What do you mean?
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Julian Keller (Earth-11326).jpg
We got nowhere to retreat to now. Makes things a lot simpler.
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The Third Battalion was one of units of the Human Coalition assaulting the Fortress X wave by wave for a thousand days.

As well as in other units, many officers and soldiers of the Third Battalion grew with full hatred against the mutant Magma, at the point they took the unusual step of putting a bounty on her: The one who will kill her would get a month's furlough. Even if those bounties were against the rules, the Colonel Risman turned a blind eye on, seeing this as a benefit for the troops' morale.[1]

They were present during the final battle, and using massive missiles-launchers, they managed to put down the Fortress X, leaving to the Mutant Resistance no choice but fight to the death.[2]


Weapons: Guns, rifles, armors, tanks, missiles-launcher vehicles

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