According to Shang-Chi, in the past, there was a great war that involved many martial arts schools and almost all of them were wiped out except for the Ten Rings and the Iron Fist clans. They eventually realized that K'un Lun was being destroyed and created the Thirteen Chambers challenge, wherein the masters would fight each other every thirteen years to decide the new emperor. Eventually, the Emperor Zheng Zu came to power, and would rule for 100 years.[1]

After defeating his opponents, Shang-Chi walked through the doors to the 13th Chamber alone and met the Emperor. The Emperor chastised Shang for not completing his task of assassinating all the great masters. Shang stood defiantly, fighting back blow-for-blow. Emperor Zu taunted Shang, reminding him that he’d taught Shang nine on the ten styles of the Ten Rings School. He never taught Shang the 10th style, the “Spectral Touch”. He used this style afterwards, going for the killing blow, but Shang used the technique that Kitty was trapped in. Though she was stuck in her ghost form, Shang had mastered it and he could shift between solid and intangible form at will. In this form, Emperor Zu couldn't harm him. Shang-Chi then used all the Ring Techniques that he knew against the Emperor. The Mortal Blade, the Nightbringer, the Zero Touch, the Flaming Fist, the Shocking Palm, the Long Breath, the Daemon’s Eye, Remaker’s Gift, and the Lost Hope; he used all of these to bring Emperor Zu to his knees. Shang demanded that the Emperor should yield, but he refused. He made to attack his son, but Shang channeled his energy and touched Zheng’s forehead, calling upon a technique that he had recently invented; the Gorgon’s Touch. The final moments of Emperor Zu were lived in a mixture of shock and terror as he turned into stone. With the battle over, Shang-Chi went out to the welcoming citizens of K’un-Lun.[2]

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