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The Thirteenth Floor has its origins in the eScape, a virtual reality created by Tony Stark.[1] During the robot revolution, Stark joined the A.I. Army, a pro-robot counter-movement that fought for the rights of artificial life forms.[2] Tony reformatted the eScape into the Thirteenth Floor,[1] a dimensionally-shunted plane of existence built entirely of solid light that served as a safe haven for artificial intelligences. It's one story tall and exists thirteen stores above Manhattan.[2] Since the code of Tony's A.I. ally Friday had become absorbed into the eScape, when Tony created the Thirteenth Floor, she became it.[1]

Humans can't access it or even comprehend its existence. The Thirteenth Floor can be reached by any artificial life form through any elevator across Manhattan, by activating an AR button only they can see that appears off the side of any elevator floor panel.[2]

Points of Interest

  • Mark One's Private Study[3]


  • Friday's mind originally manifested in the Thirteenth Floor as a Ganglia-shaped structure in the center of it.[1]


  • The Thirteenth Floor is a reference to the common practise of omitting this designation for the floor of buildings in countries where the number 13 is considered unlucky.

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