Thomas Bannion was formerly a member of A.I.M. but decided to go freelance and designed a battle armor to help on his missions. As Chain, he joined his brothers as a member of the armored group of mercenaries called the Seekers. He fought against Iron Man and Spider-Woman.[2]

After his nephew committed suicide while emulating the Human Torch, Chain joined his brothers in attacking the hero.[3] Chain, Grasp and Sonic also worked for the Secret Empire against several heroes.[4]

When the Seekers increased their membership and upgraded their armor, he was presumably the member named Chain Lightning.[5]




Chain Lightning's armour enhances his strength to superhuman levels allowing him to lift approximately 10 tons.


His armour allows flight.


Chain Lightning originally wielded an electrified chain, or power-shackle, that could stun opponents. It has since been enhanced to be able to fire electrical blasts.

Chain's full name was revealed in the All New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update #2.

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